Gift of the Annihilation

Rumi once said "Past and future veil God from our sight; burn up both of them with fire."

I have been given the great gift of the annihilation of my career, the separation of Me from all that I thought was me. I got to be ripped from my family and friends and the luxury of comfort and safety. Its as if I experienced a practice run of death.

Invisible fires ravaged the coal that was me leaving the diamond that is the Me that is One with all things including the Source of all things. The sparkly shiny fun and funny joy of the Divine is what remains when you die before you're dead.

And while I am still in this earth suit, the peace is fleeting. While I am still human, the mind has a way of stubbornly rising out of the ashes. There is only one remedy: Every thought of the future and the past I calmly observe as I light another match.


— Jacqueline Herron, MA

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