Fire of Transformation

If a raging wildfire was headed towards me, I would hope it would burn away anything that no longer serves me.

Burn anything that stands in the way of me loving those I care for in the way they deserve.

Destroy whatever fuels my past traumas so that I may be more emotionally available for my friends and family.

Set ablaze anything I am not recognizing that feeds the inflammation in my body and makes my autoimmune diseases worse.

Chronic pain burns me on the inside due to my autoimmune diseases, so please take this pain away so I can have a better quality of life and allow my inner athlete and youthful spirit to return regardless of my age. I have so much to continue giving to the world.

My hope is that all the destruction would continue to support my constant journey of transformation and light another fire within my soul to continue helping myself and others even more.

— Cheryl Mlcoch, M.S.

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