From Despair to Hope to Renewal

Despair - Hopelessness - Anguish - Angst - Surrender - Defeat
Not giving up - Not Quitting - Trusting here is Light at the End of the Tunnel
Hope- Believing there must be something more out there - Dream - Longing - Desire
New vision - Trust - Revival - Regenerate- Renewal - Actualizing one's life-long dream

The journey often includes:
Despair/Anguish - Not giving up - Believing that there must be something more, new or hopeful out-there (or within) - Hope - Renewal & Beginning again (and again)

— Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

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One thought on “From Despair to Hope to Renewal

  1. Not giving up before hope, as oppose to the other way around, means then one must trudge on, through challenges, adversity, and even despair, before hope arises. From this, we can gather that hope itself is as much an action as an emotion.

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