What Does Love Have To Do With It?

Over the past few years in Northern California, we have experienced devastating fires. But what I loved about the fires is that it brought everyone together. Families and friends needed to stay together, and the community came together to help support one another through the loss and tragedy of it all.

With this Corona Virus, what we are seeing on a global scale, is the idea of isolation. We are being asked to stay away from one another… time for hibernation. Time to go within and ask yourself, “Where have I not been giving myself my love and attention?” “How can I love myself more?”

Have I been getting enough sleep? Do I need to take more naps? Can I go to bed 15 minutes earlier?
Can I decrease or eliminate processed foods from my diet and incorporate even more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods into my diet?
Can I decrease or eliminate alcohol?
Have I been getting enough exercise? Can I fit at least 10 to 15 minutes in each day?Have I been taking my supplements? Vitamin C, elderberry syrup, whatever it is…
Have I been taking time to be out in nature to ground myself?
Have I been able to forgive other people? Can I forgive myself?

If we can each commit to a little more self-love today and each day going forward,
Then we can be strong in the face of fear and have gratitude for the fear as the learning and growth opportunity that it represents.

I say Thank You Corona Virus for giving me the opportunity to love myself even more!


— Keli Meagher

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