Viral Communication

Namuh: Why are you doing this?

Covid: What are you referring to?

Namuh: You are killing my people and disrupting normal life.

Covid: I am true to my design, death is just a consequence of your species genetic building blocks. Why are you doing this?

Namuh: Doing what? I’m just living my life and making things better.

Covid: Oh really? Better for whom? I don’t think the whales share your conviction…

Namuh: Well… I’m not harming them on purpose… it’s just a side effect of progress.

Covid: You do realize I can claim the same, right? All I am doing is finding a way to replicate, nothing personal here…. It is what I was designed to do.

Namuh: So you think you were designed by God to reduce the number of people on the planet?

Covid: God? What’s that?

Namuh: The creator, the force that caused the universe to become.

Covid: I am not familiar with this? Is that a Human invention?

Namuh: No, God is the cause of everything. She made the heavens and the earth, caused life to spring forth in all its beauty and filled our souls with hope and love.

Covid: Like I said… a human invention, a delusion you conjure to explain what you do not understand.

Namu: You must not have a soul, you have to FEEL God to believe.

Covid: So, if humans did not exist – God would not exist?

Namuh: I never thought about that.

Covid: Maybe that’s why I am here, to make you think.

— Oded Shakked

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