The Gift


Two years ago, I was given a gift called Freedom. This present was wrapped tightly in the drabbest of grays, the color of concrete, the sounds of metal, and smelling of chemicals and fear. My gift was Prison – once I was brave enough to peel the wrapper back and look inside.

Freedom said to me:
I've come to remind you you're stronger than you think. You don't need the things you thought you did.
You have everything you need inside.I've come to re-unite you with Yourself. To humble you while lifting You up.

Now I see the news on my little TV, as I sit on the top bunk in my prison cell, and I'm sorry about the seemingly ugly package you've all received. To say you're scared, sad, and inconvenienced is an understatement. I urge you to start unwrapping. What's glittering inside of Quarantine? If you are suddenly afraid of death, is it because you haven't truly been living? When are you overflowing with joy?

Who do you miss? Who or what are you relieved to have a break from? How will you spend your time once I leave?
What words have been caught in your throat? How much longer will you wait to speak them? Who or what has been renting space in your brain? In your heart? Remember that you're the landlord.

I'm here to remind you of your creativity. Of the bliss that doesn’t come from your title or possessions. I'm here to break a bad habit and start a good one.I'm here to introduce you to your family, yourself and your priorities. If you are brave enough to unwrap me.

— Jacqueline Herron MA

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