I, the Coronavirus, speak: Death is NOT a failure!


Over many decades, admittedly, I, Covid-19, have clearly failed to get your attention regarding what you need to do to survive on our Earth.

The important messages that I failed to convey:

1. You have not attended to exploding overpopulation of the planet. Myriads of toxic problems and ecological imbalances confront the continued breathing, drinking and feeding of a growing population.

2. Earth’s climate and ecosphere is warming up due to overpopulation and excessive use of fossil energy, which harbingers the end of human life unless we change.

3. Finally, and most significantly, you fail to understand that death is NOT a failure. Life and death are part of a great eternal circle. Sadly, most people die in hospitals, where health care professionals ferociously fight for their lives, rather than die peacefully at home with their family and friends, surrounded with love. Profiteering medical and pharmaceutical industries perpetuate cruel and destructive practices, and billions of dollars are spent annually to keep near-death old people alive for years by all means.

Let’s set the record straight: While I, the coronavirus, indeed infect people of all ages, I primarily kill vulnerable old people, especially those above 70 or 80 years old. In spite of all the misinformation, I, generally, do not kill the young unless they are already medically significantly compromised.

I hope that I am more effective this time in delivering my messages.

— Maria Anderson

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