Corona Tears

Sitting Thinking,
has brought tears from both eyes.
Not one teardrop from one eye
but both freely flowing.
Has the silence and stillness finally landed?
Has the well of emotion
finally filled to over flowing?
Finally watering the landscape
allowing flowers to grow again
in this world of fear, blame, and division.

The great forgetting
has broken the world.
The tears of emotion
now dripping and filling cracks
going deeper into desperate hearts
sprouting seeds of remembering,
remembering how to begin again in the garden.

Learning about love, tending, nurturing, harvesting,
all the abundance.
We remember about listening
to bees and birds, pollinating, spreading abundance.
We prune and fertilize with kind thoughts,
growing with the trees, learning their language, their songs
through glistening eyes.
The stone rolled away from blinded eyes
now washed from sheltering.
The silence, stillness, and wonder
have deepened this desperate heart.

Soon, as stones are rolled away from sheltering,
there is another chance to listen
and step into the garden as Adam or Eve.
This time nothing forbidden,
because I have listened to the well of emotions.


— Brian R. Martens

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