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Coronavirus Stories

The Hug:

You are our most formidable enemy, after years of relative peace and prosperity:


You swept in, making landfall like a hurricane, hovered over us for more than a year:

The Signs:

Corona Tears:

Lesson: Doing nothing is harder for many of us than doing something really hard:

Live Anew:

COVID Response: Who wins? Who loses?:

Stop Eating the Bear! Death is Part of Life, to be Honored and, YES, Celebrated:

Reconnecting with The Cosmic Soul:

Insights from Fear of the Unknown:

One Home - One Family:

Living in Novel Time:

You’ve created impossible conflicts in our basic human priorities:

Hugging in the Time of COVID-19:

COVID Testing: Who wins? Who loses?:

Take some time for you!:

I can't breathe--:

That Retreat You Always Dreamt About:

Living with the Coronavirus:

Crisis Stimulates Evolution :

Time To Check Your Food:

Covid 19:

Viral Communication:

What Does Love Have To Do With It?:

I, the Coronavirus, speak: Death is NOT a failure!:

Gateway to Belonging and BeWilderment:

What Existentialists Can Teach Us About Covid-19:

Guest and Gift:


Freestone Road:

Behaviors in Light of Covid-19:

Life Choices, Regrets, Duty, Discipline, Noncompliance:

Our Common Quest:

To save the future, we must rethink technology:

What We Could Hear with the Volume Turned Down:

Living the dream:

The Big Picture:

The Gift:

Don’t  throw the baby with the bathwater. :

Peas in a Pod:

The Way It Always Was:

New Resident:

The Shadow of Our Smiles:

Visitation from The Ghost:

Thank You! - !תודה:

A Message From Nature!:

The Invisible Enemy:

Open Your Eyes:

I choose to focus on the gifts...:

Exodus - יציאת מצרים:

Email From A Virus:


This morning's convo with Coronavirus:

Fighting a common enemy brings people together:

Role Model Stories

My Dad - My Role Model:

My Most Important Teacher:

My "Godie":

My Mommy:

My Mom - My Role Model:

Role Model for Dr. Henry M. Kaiser: My Wife Peggy :

My Professional Foundation :

Make Art, Not War:

A Wife of a Last Samurai:

Enemies You Love, You Tell. . .:

Alcohol: My hero, then nemesis, then hero again:

On Heroes:

Heroes with a thousand faces:

Identity and Identifying: I am my mother's daughter:

My role models: Marilyn Monroe and Mother Teresa:

Life as a fish tank - החיים כאקוריום:

Racism Stories

Gone, but never forgotten:

On Being a Woman Working in a Man's World:

The Blacks in my White Life:

Proud Counselor:

Been a Victim of Systematic Racism All my Life:

Racism among mental health providers:

Judging Based on a Client's Presenting Issue:

A Time for Burning:

A Lesson for Grandma from a 5-Year-Old:


It could be a wonderful world:

What Color is a Heart of Flesh?:

They Never Even Acknowledged Her Presence:

White Fragility:

You White People:

Moral Dilemma Stories
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